This is to officially invite all you our esteemed customers and potential customers that we have branched into the hair styling business.

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Our services include

– Hair fixing of all kinds

– Braids and ghanaweaving

– Nails and pedicure

-Temporary dreads etc

We are located at 11 Onikoyi Street Aguda surulere. Tel: 08183270575/09021873282

Email: jejemakeova@gmail.com

Please note we still offer makeup services and training



Hi guyz, it been ages right well its not my fault, my humble self have been quite busy. standing on one’s feet in this country is not easy but i thank God so far with how far he has taken me. if i start talking i wont stop ooo..but you can view the pics below to see what i have been up to. 20130722_124552 IMG_20150314_141203 IMG_20140814_214622 IMG_20140827_074840 IMG_20140827_152942 IMG_20141109_215432 IMG_20140902_201451 IMG_20140828_122953 IMG_20141206_164716 IMG_20141227_140047 IMG_20141228_132647 IMG_20150116_114724 IMG_20141220_141658 IMG_20141220_122052 IMG_20150207_183300


Hey guyz, how have we all been? am sure u will be wondering what i mean by “PROFACE” as my heading.



Well it’s a competition for upcoming professional MUA in the industry and yours truly was part of the competition. i didn’t win but gave it my best shot.


Out of 25 contestant i carried the 6th postion (me sef i know say i try).


Enjoy pics from the event by going thru this link: https://www.facebook.com/PROFACEMUA/photos_stream


Hello people……….Been a while right. Sorry for the long absence. Well lets get down to business because am back for good now. Hope you all heard of the Black and white ball, Encomium Magazine organized on Sunday, well it was a ball indeed cuz urs truly was there life and direct……Wow it was a beautiful event………haaaa!!!!. Lets not get carried away, i was there to make   up their models and one thing i noticed was that they all had dry lips, which made the lipstick application a tough nut……..so dats why i have decided to talk about dry lips treatment.

images (6)
The treatment of dry or chapped lips are simple and wat you yourself can do
1. Exfoliate the lip. Make sure you brush your lips with a soft toothbrush. This helps remove the dead or dried skin layers .

2. Use lip balm. Try to apply lip balm on lips after exfoliation, this can preferably be done over night. (Avoid Flavored lip balm)
images (5)
3. Drink a lot of water. Try to drink as much water as you can, the more water you drink the more moist that is being transferred to your lips.

There are some natural remedy you can use.

images (7)
1. Coconut oil.Simply apply a small amount of oil to the lips several times per day, particularly when the weather is cold and dry.

2. Aloe Vera. The herbal benefits of Aloe Vera make it an amazing healing agent for skin. Therefore, to cure chapped lips, try putting a small amount of Aloe Vera gel on your lips daily.

3. Cucumber. Rub your lips with a slice of cucumber. Many people have found this to be a simple but effective chapped lip remedy.

To avoid chapped or dry lips, these are the don’t:

1. Avoid licking your lip
2. Reduce in take of spicy food especially during harmatan period
3. Smoking or chewing. Anything you regularly put in contact with your lips can affect their condition.

Well that all i have for you guy. This does not apply to only the ladies, Men should also read avoid it.

Thank you


Golden rules of make up

Hello guy………..whats happening?? its been a while……..sorry for the absence. Welcome to the February the month of love as it is well known. And one thing i know is that nobody loves ugly…… 😦 ………… Because of this i wanna see what i can do about that. So we will be talking about the the Golden rules of make up. Every thing in this world is under a rule……..so makeup artistrycan’t be excluded. There are numerous rules for make up but for me i have basically four.

1. Using matching colors: In the application of especially your eye shadows it necessary to pick colors that will easily blend.

2. Stick to purpose: What i know is that every event has its own type of make up. you have to know the purpose of which you are applying the make up for and don’t go off line.

3. Your face and neck should be the same color: We all have seen someone whose face is white and neck is black – don’t be that person that everyone is talking about. Go to a department store and get custom blended and whatever color disappears into your jawline, that is your shade. Your foundation should be your most important makeup investment you make.

4. Always wear a smile: To me that is the most important of the rule. No matter how good or perfect your make up is a frown from your client is enough to make it look horrible.

i believe if you can follow this simple rules………..hmmmmmmmmmmm love is definitely knocking at your door………. 😀

Do a blessed week ahead

xoxoxo ♥BB_WA_Promise2_10

Eye brow application

Hello people, How av we been?? well today we will be talking about how to properly apply eye brow shade with your brow pencil……Your brows are very important in framing your face. Growing up in lagos you will see lot of different types of eye brow shade even some as long as the 3rd mainland bridge.

Firstly. i will want us to know the range of your eye brow should be. Your eye brow should be within the length of your eye it self, you can use you brush stick to know this. you can use the diagram below to have a better understanding.



Now let talk about the steps of applying your eye brow pencil.

1. Make sure your eyebrows are groomed to start. This means making sure there are no random hairs above or below your eyebrows. This will make the end product much better. You can accomplish this by waxing or tweezing.

2. Make sure that the eyebrow pencil is a good color that complements and blends with the natural color of your eyebrows and won’t look fake. Also make sure that the eyebrow pencil is nice and sharp and has a good point.
3. Take a clean make-up brush and lightly dust it over your eyebrows to remove any traces of foundation or face powder from them. You can also wipe them with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol if your brow area is too oily.images

4.Place your eyebrow pencil vertically over the eyebrow and start from the inner corner of the eye. Make sure you do not use the pencil too close to the inner brow. Use soft and feather-like strokes from the inner corner of the eyebrow till the arch to outline them. Use light upward-outward strokes, as you draw fine lines between the brow hairs. Apply a bit more pressure when you define the underside of your brow.
5.You can also apply the above tip by using a soft toothbrush smeared with some hairspray and comb it through the brow. It too helps to hold unruly hair in place. Lightly powder your brows against the direction of your hair. Remove excess powder by running a soft make-up brush over your brows with a few quick strokes. Finally, shape your brows with the help of a brow brush.

Thank you xoxoxo


Hey peeps………how was the week hope not to stressful…….Today my tip goes out to our more matured ladies. it is said one of a women’s greatest fear is sign of wrinkles on her face……..Ageing is a constant thing, nobody stays young forever. And with aging comes some unwanted changes. Well we will see how we can help you keep your youthful faces even as you grow older. Just follow this tips to help to help overcome those nasty wrinkles on your face:


1. Remember: Less is More

Many women with wrinkles make the mistake of trying to cover them with heavy foundations and powders. But less is actually more when it comes to downplaying your facial flaws. A face full of heavy foundation only highlights wrinkles.

Instead of heavy foundation, try a tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizers provide lighter coverage and won’t settle into your wrinkles and won’t cling to the hairs that appear on some women’s faces after menopause.

2. Say “No” to Heavy Eyeliners

Just as heavy foundations can give you “cake face,” heavy eye makeup can also age you. Instead of applying heavy eyeliner to upper lids and the inside of the eye, consider a soft line on the upper lids and just under the lower lids.

3. Watch That Powder Habit

When you were younger, you likely had oilier skin and got used to powdering your entire face. But dewy skin is actually a sign of youth.

Instead of applying powder all over, consider loose powders made of ground up minerals, it will lie lightly and evenly on your face. There are many other things that you could try like Neutrogena Healthy Glow, bare minerals, oil of olay, Vital Radiance and others.

4. Adopt a Great Skincare Routine

More important than any makeup routine is a good skincare routine. You want to get your skin in tip-top condition and once you do so, you’ll find the less makeup you need.

Aside from cleansing and moisturizing your face every night, you should also exfoliate skin weekly with a facial scrub (see my list of the best scrubs here). You may also consider restoring what your skin has lost via antioxidants such as Vitamin C creams or vitamin serums. I’ve been told by more than once that Vitamin A products are the only lotions and potions that really can turn back time.

5. Avoid the sun as much as possible

To prevent new wrinkles from forming, don’t expose your skin too much to the sun, use sunscreen, use natural anti wrinkle cream that contains potent anti oxidants, moisturizers and active ingredients that improve collagen production.

If you want to truly get rid of wrinkles and fine lines, using natural anti aging creams with plant extracts, honey, herbs, jojoba and other natural sources are the best option and it will gradually smooth your skin and recover your brightness.

I believe by following these few tips dealing with aging and the wrinkles on your face shouldn’t be a problem.

Thank you…….. xoxo♥


Hey guys whats good…………..well this goes out to all beautiful people based in abuja. The 2nd edition of Makeup fair brought to you by Pops concept is coming your way on the 3rd of November 2012. For all make up artist that wants to p…articipate there are limited space so you can go to http://www.abujamakeupfair.com to register and payment should be made before 27th october 2012 . This is a great opportunity to learn more about beauty tips and how to take care of your skin………..i was at the Lagos edition and i can confidently tell you i had aball………make sure u make it a date .

Thats me being interviewed by HITZ on ONTV and also with d make up box i won at the lagos edition..(took dwn 5 ladies in d competion…..gbo gbo badt guyz)